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Therapy entailing total body immersion to the neck in nitrogen gas at very low temperatures (between -110°C and -180°C), accompanied by a therapist. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has been used by top-level athletes, convinced of the cold's benefits, for many years. It reduces muscular pain and tension as well as skin irritations, improves joint and muscle function, skin appearance and sleep, and is psychologically stimulating as well as a highly effective trigger for weight loss. Medical referral requested in case of illness.
No body hydrating cream, no waxing or depilation on the day of treatment.
25 min private relaxation room included in each session.

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Relaxation with Hydrojet

Perfect combined with Cryotherapy

For a deep and very effective therapeutical dry water massage and a complete mind and body care featuring coloured light, collagen light, ionised breathable air, aromatherapy, all along with surrounding relaxing music.

The best way to relax after your cryotherapy session and benefit from vasodilation and vasoconstriction effects.

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